Beta Information

Welcome to the official Foxotic 2.0 beta page to provide you the information you need to know about beta testing, Foxotic in general, and the great things to expect in 2014. Previously, our client was in Flash in which we discontinued for company reasons. Since then, we've been working on a new experience for the entire Foxotic family. Our online experience is going to be available on PC/laptop and also bringing in the mobile side to include Android, iOS, and any system that supports HTML5.

closed beta

Closed beta's new server is going to change Foxotic forever. Previously, we had it where you would log in and interact with your buddies as an entire group. Now, we are bringing in servers so you can select your zone based on preference (say you wanted a less populated area) to enjoy Foxotic with more customization. We're starting Foxotic out with four locations so we can focus on tons of features for all foxes to enjoy. Visit our blog for exclusive sneak peeks and upcoming server names for Foxotic.

game features

Not only does Foxotic bring entertainment and education to life, we also strive to be the best family experience with remarkable features that will bring you or your child a warm happiness. In 2.0, there are going to be items that you can virtually purchase to collect and find around Foxotic Land. You will be able to customize your fox by purchasing hats, clothes, games, and other exclusives with Foxotic Silver and/or Gold that is earned in various ways. This includes customizing your den which you will be able to bring your friends to and host parties whenever.

new experience

In our new experience, you will be able to enjoy Foxotic on your mobile platform so you can take Foxotic on the go with you. Enjoy new badges and gain experience levels, play various mini-games, learn new actions, show off your skills, and most of all, do it all with your family/friends! Socialize with other foxes in-game in various locations where you will find secrets, items, missions, and much more.

on the go fun

Did you know that Foxotic is going to be everywhere that you go now? No need to put on a frown face when you have to go to your sister's chores concert. As Flash is outdated, we thought of using newer technology and being the first ever online 'virtual world' to bring in HTML5 to the development. This means you will be able to play Foxotic on all platforms that support HTML5.

sneak peeks

Interested in getting the scoop on the Foxotic development? All of the official updates and sneak peeks will be released on the official Foxotic blog which can be located in the top navigation bar. If you would like even more sneak peeks and a bigger scoop on our development, you can purchase a beta pass for $20.00 from our Membership page.